TypeOnsite Course
Time2 Days
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The promotion from team member to manager/supervisor is a landmark in any career. It recognizes the achievement in a previous position and is an indication of the confidence that senior managers have in your ability to gain results through other people. Managers and supervisors are expected to perform by the team immediately, and this adds to the pressure.
Supervision can be highly rewarding or it can be stressful and disappointing—the difference lies in a few key skills and a basic understanding of what does and doesn’t work. In this program you’ll learn all you need to know to ensure a positive supervisory experience.

Target Audience 

  • Supervisor
  • Section Heads and Department Managers
  • Staffs (Clerk and Officer)

Course Objective 

  • To gain more confidence as an leaders of team
  • To understand the key responsibilities and expectations of management
  • To understand and appreciate the process of communication as an important element of the professional effectiveness
  • To develop skills for delivering organizations policy and goal
  • Be able to motivate people and handle conflicts
  • To crave for more fulfilling interpersonal relationship and social skills
  • To have the practical tools to make team decisions and help individuals take ownership of decisions
  • To recognize motivational influences and promote these to ensure maximum productivity from the team
  • Able to coach employees for improved performance, morale and behavior.
  • Able to delegate effectively and therefore achieve tasks in a more efficient and effective way

Course Content 

  • Characters of Leaders
    • Basic Philosophy of human
    • Be a success and effective leader
    • Performance Management
    • Influences Factors
  • Organizational Communication & Interpersonal Relationship
    • The Communication Process, Barriers to Effective Communication And Skills To Avoid Barriers
    • Elements of Leadership (Establishing Teamwork, Communication & Integrity)
    • Leadership Behavior (Mentality)
    • Skills to Handle Conflicts
    • Coaching & Concealing
    • Delegating & Motivating
  • Planning and organizing the work
    • Principe of Goal Setting
    • Developing decision-making skills
    • Preventing problems, Problem solving tools & Continual improvement
  • Guidance of Performance Management
    • How to develop competence & commitment
    • How to develop leadership style
    • Regression Cycle