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A QCC is a small group of employees to identify, investigate, analyze and solve work-related problems in order to contribute to the improvement. It also helps respect humanity and to build a cheerful workgroup through the development of the staff’s infinite potential. It has been the Japanese experience that 95% of the problems in the workshop can be solved with simple quality control methods such as the 7 quality control tools [Ishikawa, 1986].

Target Audience

  • QCC Facilitators, Leaders and Members
  • Section Heads and Department Managers

Course Objective

  • To gain awareness of the purpose, benefits and method of operation of QCC.
  • To be equipped with simple QCC techniques, problem solving skills and skills for effective participation in QCC activities.
  • To foster closer human relations within fellow workers through group dynamics and work as a team.
  • To increase participation and develop the feeling of importance through QCC activities.

Course Content

  • Introduction:
    • What is QCC?
    • History of QCC.
    • QCC benefits and problems.
    • Role of Management, QCC Facilitator, QCC Members
    • Definition of Quality.
    • PDCA: Problem solving approach and creativity
    • Effective group problem solving
  • Identifying problems and opportunities.
    • Definition of problems
    • Systematic problem solving approach
    • QC Tools and applications
    • Brainstorming and questioning techniques
    • Forming a start-up QCC to solve work-related problems
    • Conducting a QCC meeting
    • Application of PDCA Cycle
    • Using 7 QC Tools in problem solving
  • Effective meetings and communication
    • Concept of Motivation, Teamwork, Commitment and Productivity
    • Effective communication and basic interpersonal skills
    • Conducting QCC meetings and proceedings
  • Making QCC Presentation
    • Establishing a Quality Improvement story
    • What to present in a QCC presentation
    • Team efforts in QCC presentation.