TypeOnsite Course
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Target Audience

  • Manufacturing, process, and quality engineers;
  • Lead technicians; and
  • Trainers.

Course Objective

  • An instructor guide that gives detailed information for every module of the Worker Proficiency training.
  • A printed board sample showing critical external characteristics
  • Examinations for IPC-A-600 Worker Proficiency training.
  • Knowledge of the IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Boards
  • Get a student handbook used in the Worker Proficiency training course as manual.

Course Content

  • Printed board product classifications and acceptance criteria
  • Base material surface and subsurface conditions
  • Solder resists coverage over conductors and registration to lands.
  • Conductor width and spacing, and annular ring requirements.
  • Dielectric material criteria for etchback, voids, and resin recession.
  • Plated through-hole requirements for copper plating thickness, voids, nodules and cracks.
  • Acceptance criteria for flexible, rigid-flex, and metal core printed boards.