TypeOnsite Course
Time1 Day
PriceRp. (Hubungi Kami)
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Target Audience

  • Teams with a desire to work together more effectively (e.g. all QCC teams in an organization)
  • Teams with members who work on different projects, but also need to support one another (e.g. QCC Members)
  • Managers who work in different departments who need to support one another (e.g. organizations leaders)
  • New teams and teams dealing with a change of structure (e.g. organizations members)

Course Objective 

  • To improve communication means more trust, support and understanding
  • A fun/relaxed atmosphere or more enjoyable working conditions
  • A platform for more easy problem-solving in the future
  • To enhance team work

Course Content

  • Introductions, Health & Safety and Icebreakers
  • Blind Leads: trust-based task
  • Spiders Lair: a more involving physical problem solving task
  • Working Styles theory and practice
  • Low Level Ropes: paired support in an unusual setting
  • Shape Shifter: a communications based task where everyone has some information, but no one has it all.
  • Team Development workshop: looking at Team Development theory and matching it pragmatically and honestly to where we are currently within the team.
  • Jigsaw: a complicated multi-tasking exercise that involves great amounts of communication, co-ordination and trust across sub-teams to get the job done.
  • Board of Directors: difficult communications-based problem solving game.
  • Review and Action Planning
  • Post Course Evaluation and good byes