TypeOnsite Course
Time2 Days
PriceRp. (Hubungi Kami)
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Target Audience 

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Public.

Course Objective 

  • To build leadership skill.
  • To know how to motivate and empowering people to reach our goal.
  • To build productive team work and gaining commitment for success.
  • To build a sensitiveness as a human being and apply it as one of the motivational tools keeping the work environment always in productive condition.

Course Content

  • The Meaning of Leadership – understand the good leaders behave
  • Enhanced Communication Skills – knowledge to be a successful leader;
  • Develop Your Team – the way to develop your people so that they become highly-motivated and exceptionally-effective team players;
  • The Power to Motivate People – discover how to inspire people with this vision, and motivate them to give their very best;
  • Creating Winning Ideas/Problem Solving Skills – build a clear and compelling vision of how the future should be, which other people will be inspired to adopt;
  • Getting Things Done – learn the rare skills needed to transform vision into reality (improving the presentation skills);
  • Make everyone do everything – delegating and effective time management
  • Skills to make a decisions – things like risk taking, networking and cross-cultural leadership, move from being a good leader to being a great one.