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Target Audience
This course is designed for programmers who need to operate and/or troubleshoot PLC’s. The course is aimed at programmers, electrical technicians and electricians, who are beginners with the PLC and need to develop, modify and maintain PLC programs.

Course Objective
Upon completion of this training the trainee will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of a control panel.
  • Define a programmable controller.
  • List the three main components in a PLC system.
  • Understand the term ladder logic.
  • Describe the application of PLC
  • Provide periodic maintenance for a PLC system.
  • Troubleshoot PLCs

Course Content

  • Introduction (Understanding PLC & PLC History)
  • Theory of Operation (The Internals, Response Time and Effects of Response Time)
  • Creating Program (Relays, Replacing Relays, Basic Program Example, PLC Registers and A Level Application)
  • Main Instruction Set (Counters, Timers, Time Accuracy, One-Shots, Master Control & Moving Data)
  • Numbers (Math, Number System and Boolean Math)
  • Communication (Communication Histiry & RS-232)
  • Manufacturer Links