About Us

PT. DiGiSi INDONESIA (hereinafter named as DiGiSi) is a prominent organization which assist the aspiring companies to acquire various management system. Our organization comprises of industry leaders that provide end to end services in the area of various management systems.

We support a wide variety of business systems services but are very focused on above management systems especially in environmental, health & safety activities. The methodology adopted has been fine tuned with experience in order to deliver the maximum benefits to our customers.

The Scope of our Work could include the following:

  • Study of the present systems in the organizations
  • Identifying the relevant systems and processes that could form part of the management system
  • Determining the gaps and lacunae in the present system with reference to the requirements of the management system standards
  • Drawing up time-bound plans to bridge the gaps
  • Training a group of team leaders in the organization on the management system methodology
  • Arranging and coordinating with reputed accredited certification bodies for systems audit
  • In-house training, tailored to the client’s particular needs
  • Public training course and seminars
  • etc 

DiGiSi Mission

Our mission is to help organizations and peoples achieving a higher level of effective management system implementation through the development of organizations infrastructures or resources.

DiGiSi Goal

We have a proven methodology and provide the right talent to help company successful and profitable. Our goal is to help companies build their own management system by promoting continual improvement in whole level of organizations and in order to get recognitions of international standards. We enable companies to focus on what is important and cost effective, project and contract management, specialized in Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety services operating in both macro and micro industries, public and private

Types of Services

  • Management System Series Training
  • Specific Environment, Health & Safety Series Training
  • Specific Quality Series Training
  • Quality Related Training
  • Programmable Control (PLC)
  • Human Resources Development Related Training
  • IT Series Training
  • Sales, Marketing & Customer Services Series Training
  • etc

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