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Internal Auditing Skills (based on ISO 19011)


There is no quality management system can fulfill its potential unless it is regularly monitored. This intensive two-day course teaches delegates how to conduct internal auditing to best effect.

This course includes practice process auditing exercises utilizing specially developed, actual QMS documentation that was designed by DiGiSi senior auditor and trainer. This course provides the chance to practice auditing at like skill levels (beginners) in a controlled, classroom environment under the guidance of internationally certified auditors and course facilitators. The training content is based on the ISO19011:2002 auditing guidelines.


This training program ensures understanding and achieves the following;

  1. To learn how to enable a business to remain consistently compliant with the exacting requirements of ISO 9001 and other systems
  2. To learn auditing techniques compatible with ISO 9001 and other systems based on guidance on ISO 19011.
  3. To learn how to plan, perform and report on an audit and how to take corrective action.
  4. To gain self-confidence through hands-on experience for auditors.


First Day

  • Introduction to systems managements standards (QHSE), and related governmental regulation
  • Overview of the ISO 19011:2002 Auditing Guidance
  • To develop, know, and understand the purpose of an management systems internal auditing system that is based on the ISO 19011:2002 auditing guidelines
  • Understand the Process Approach of ISO/OHSAS systems
  • To Learn Process Auditing
  • Learn to interpret QHSE standards from an auditor's point of view

Second Day

  • Role of the Audit and the Auditor
  • Document Review
  • Class Size Case Studies
  • Designing an Audit System for Success
  • Introduction to the Mechanics of Auditing
  • How to Prepare for an audit programs
  • Audit Checklist Development
  • Construct effective audit checklists to help find the objective evidence needed to make internal audits work for your company, not to just find fault
  • Second Day -continued
  • Understand that the audit checklist is just the starting point for an ISO process audit
  • Learn what to look for in the company's documentation to help you audit
  • Learning to follow the audit trail
  • How to write the audit report
  • Learn how to be objective


  1. Staff responsible for auditing who already possess an understanding of ISO 9001 or other management systems
  2. Quality Management Representative (QMR), Environmental Management Representative (EMR), and Safety Coordinator


Training duration is 16 hours (2 days)


Training fee is IDR 2,100,000 for each participant


Training Fee includes:

  • CD Training Material
  • ISO/OHSAS Standards & Government Regulation
  • Lunch & Coffee Break
  • Certificate for Passed Assessment
  • Competencies Registered on DiGiSi websites


To demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction, DiGiSi guarantee you that at the end of this course, if you are ever dissatisfied with our training, we will give you a full refund or free re-training.

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